Vitamin e vaginal supositories

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Key-E Suppositories from Carlson are natural soothing inserts prepared with a base derived from coconut and palm oils. Ingredients: Hydrogenated coconut and palm oils, natural-source vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol acetate and tocopherols. Recommended Use: Adults: Remove foil by holding suppository with pointed end up and carefully separating foil tabs at top with fingernail.

Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of menstruation for 12 consecutive months 1, 2. During this period, women experience long-lasting endocrinal, somatic and psychological changes 2. Despite the increased life expectancy, age of menopause onset or menstruation cessation has not changed and women spend about 30 years or more over a third of their lives in menopausal or pre-menopausal period 3.

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Moisturize from within with vitamin E vaginal suppositories! They are a unique blend of ingredients that are specifically formulated to provide fast alleviation of common vaginal dryness during menopause. It is designed to help replenish your natural moisture for days at a time.

This information will help you improve and maintain your vulvovaginal health health of your vulva and vagina during and after your cancer treatment. As women get older, their vagina and vulva the skin on the outside of the vagina become dryer and less elastic stretchy. This process can happen sooner for women who have had cancer treatments or a surgery to reduce their risk of cancer. Some women can take the hormone estrogen to slow down this process.

Recommended lifestyle modifications for patients with vaginal atrophy should include maintenance of vulvar hygiene, smoking cessation, and increased coital activity. Some evidence is available suggesting that vitamins D and E, as well as soy, may be useful in the treatment of vaginal symptoms by providing relief of vaginal dryness and irritation; however, more data are needed to provide firm evidence of these effects. Treatment with systemic estrogen will alleviate general symptoms of menopause e.

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In certain corners of the wellness world, it seems that the notion of self-care has officially jumped the shark. The obsession with well-being started innocently enough—if drinking a green juice or swishing coconut oil in your mouth makes you feel like a glowing, Gwyneth Paltrow version of yourself, who are we to judge? But now even our vaginas are part of the conversation, and many of the regimens promoted by celebrities and wellness influencers are bizarre, ineffective, and could even promote infection.

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I have had so much trouble with vaginal dryness. I have tried all the regular things like Replens, vagifem and that and ended up with vaginal infections and a Uti. So I looked on line for something natural and found that some women tried virgin coconut oil and vitamin e capsules for the dryness.

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Online ahead of Print ; 2 4 Introduction: Urogenital atrophy is a common problem after menopause, and results from declining estradiol levels and may causes symptoms that can significantly affect quality of life. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the vaginal suppository of vitamin E in the treatment of atrophic vaginities.

We at PureFormulas value your privacy. We will never sell, rent, or share your information. Privacy Policy. You may be able to alleviate dryness using non-hormonal therapies involving lubricants; these are vaginal inserts or suppositories containing moisturizing gels and bases.


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