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A Public Service Announcement PSA is defined as a message in the public interest which is disseminated through the media free of charge, with the objective of raising awareness of issues. Reproduction is prohibited. The roots of the public service announcement reach back to the dawn of the advertising age.

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Posted July 5, by Richard. With the revival of vinyl there has been an increased interest in the artwork and packaging that goes with the format. Posted December 12, by Jane.

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As ephemera goes, matchbox labels are one of the most abundant and crowd pleasing, with a vast array of type and illustration building up since Like stamps, they are miniature canvases for all manner of advertising, public service announcements and anniversaries. It's fascinating how something so small can reflect so much about any given society at the time.

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From killer fridges to children being picked off one by one for road safety violations - here are some of the weirdest ways authorities have tried to communicate with the public over the years. The "Do it for Mom" video campaign by Spies, which is part of the Thomas Cook Group, encourages older women wanting to become grandmothers to buy their offspring active holidays in sunny countries - where the advert says Danes apparently have 50 per cent more sex. Back in the s, Americans decided that the best way to educate children about the importance of obeying road safety rules on their bicycles was to scare the living daylights out of them.

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And worst of allHitler never chips in to fill the tank. Commercials put on by the government for public safety or information. These commercials usually try to get you to stop smoking, obey the speed limit, look when crossing the road, or submit your tax return on time.

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In this short film, one plant supervisor laments, "I can remember the good old days, when there were all men in my department and we didn't have these problems. Regret that you never got to live during the Red Scare? This educational PSA follows a grown man as he picks up and subsequently kills a hitchhiking teen.

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The government began broadcasting a public service announcement Friday suggesting how civilians should protect themselves in the event of a missile attack. The second broadcast, which will be aired by 43 main and local television stations across the country through July 6, says the public will be informed of North Korean missile launches via speakers linked to the satellite-based J-Alert warning system. It suggests people take shelter in sturdy buildings or go underground if outside, and hide behind objects or lie face down on the floor and protect their heads if they are inside buildings.

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Like the US counterpart, the Ad Council where the Ad Council Japan is modelledAd Council Japan generally does not produce public service advertisements itself; rather, it acts as a coordinator and distributor. Its advertising campaigns are divided into three; national campaign, regional campaign and aid campaign. The advertising campaigns are changed yearly in July, the month Ad Council Japan was founded.

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Our rotation includes the latest indie-rock, indie-pop, electronic and hip-hop music along with student-produced specialty shows. Take a look at our charts for artist and album names, and check the schedule for program times. We are open to music submissions from up-and-coming artists.

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The need to mobilize the public to take action for the good of the community is as old as governance itself. In other times and places, different techniques were used—rams' horns, town criers, church bells, and even word of mouth. In modern times, the mass media provide an important vehicle for calling on citizens to act in their best interests and those of society.


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