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But a little digging can uncover a long history of erotic culture, including "sensual Buddhas," Taoist sex scientists and a landscape of phallic mountains and vaginal crevices. The controversial Museum of Ancient Chinese Sex, the only one of its kind in China, is tucked away in a residential area north of downtown Shanghai for a good reason. The former location in crowded Nanjing Road had to close down in April after police clamped a chastity belt on the distribution of flyers in the pedestrian mall.

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In Professor Dalin completed a national survey of sexual behavior and attitudes in China. Professor Dalin originally opened his sex museum in Shanghai, but government enforced restrictions limited publicity and ultimately drove him out of the city. As a result museum attendance suffered, and the Professor decided to move his collection of ancient pornography and sexual relics to the more accommodating town of Tongli in nearby Jiangsu province.

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Entertainment and culture. Related News. Liu Dalin, a sexologist and sociologist, said his sex culture museum will be moved to a new location in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, due to financial difficulties at its present spot.

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Sexologist Liu Dalin cctv. After retiring from his position as professor of sociology at Shanghai museum several years ago, Liu Dalin spent most of his time in his museum office writing. But since its establishment inthe Sexual Culture Museum in Shanghai has had to move its location three times due to social pressures and the museum business is so slow that he has to maintain it himself with the money he earns from freelance writing for periodicals.

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Sex Museum - the only private museum of the kind in China:. The museum was founded by Liu Dalin, one of the pioneering sexologists in modern China. He and his colleagues collected the expensive exhibits for many years.

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They offer a very pertinent approach for analysis of current changes in the field of sexuality and to understanding the variety of its discourses and practices. The theoretical perspective of this article will be informed by a constructivist approach, since such approaches have radically altered our understanding of sexuality by raising questions about the social and historical contexts that surround it. In China the history of sexually transmitted disease STD epidemics shows that the ways in which sexuality is managed have a greater impact than disease control measures or health education.

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The one-month-odd exhibition addresses 10 issues, including sexual adoration, marriage regulations, sexual oppression experienced by women, sexual entertainment, sexual health care and deviant sex. The exhibits were selected by Professor Liu Dalin, China's renowned sex education expert, from his sex culture museum in Shanghai, China's first-ever such museum. Zhengzhou is the 15th city in China to host the exhibition sponsored by Professor Liu, who maintains that sex is one of human beings' basic needs and plays an important role in people's life, family, social development and stability. For a long time, sex-related topics in China have traditionally been secret.

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Now years old, Prof. Liu started researching China's sexual culture inand in he opened China's first sex museum in Shanghai. Sex has long been a taboo subject in China, and even in Shanghai, one of China's most open cities, Prof.

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A woman visitor looks at a pornographic clay of early 19th century at the Museum of Ancient Chinese Sex Culture in Shanghai. Shanghai would seem the perfect home for a sex museum given a colonial history that at its peak teemed with enough dance halls and houses of ill-repute to earn it the title "Whore of the Orient. Liu may not be to blame, but rather his vast collection of about 3, erotic pieces that romp through some 5, years of human sexual behaviour that has come under official suspicion. First government officials would not allow him the use of the word sex on his billboard, making the museum all but impossible for tourists to find on crowded Nanjing Road.


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