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Izabella Zaydenberg. Ever since contouring became a THING, people have been sculpting away at their cheeks for those Kardashian-esque chiseled cheekbones. One Twitter user felt that round, contour-free cheeks weren't getting the love they rightfully deserve, so she started a movement for "chubby"-cheeked women.

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By Victoria Woollaston. Finding a person or animal cute may seem subjective, but a team of researchers claims to have found a way to scientifically define it. Experts analysed hundreds of faces by running them through a computer program to identify the perfect combination of cute facial features.

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Although both of my kids are in the normal weight range, the fact that society seems to adore chubby kids was interesting to observe firsthand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adoring a child — but are we at risk of ignoring excess weight in kids when they fall outside the normal weight range? When does excess weight warrant a health concern instead of a compliment?

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Alfred is 19 years old. He should probably still be in his freshman or sophomore year of college. That is just Loki looking all cheerful after he stabbed his brother Thor for the nth time lol.

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Cosmetic procedures requiring injectables and implants have been around for a while. But apparently now the quest for a youthful look is not about filling in wrinkles in the face but making sure the face stays frozen in time like a wooly mammoth. According to the New York Timestodays "new beauty goal" is "plumper cheeks.

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Chubby cheeks on girls seems to have been in existence for ages. We mean that there is no age or time or an era that did not have at least a fair number of girls with chubby cheeks! Now we are in no mood of a survey.

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Sign In. Toggle navigation. June in Style and Fashion.

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Remember that since you have chubby cheeks, the contour needs to be more vertical than horizontal so the contour helps you elongate the face. Opt for bronze or silver toned blushes that will give you high cheekbones. Make sure you blend using a contouring brush. When you have chubby cheeks, anything too bright will only accentuate your chubby cheeks.

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By Guest chungoonhay, May 26, in soompi hangout. I'm 20 and i'm pretty toned the rest of my body. Just in the middle.

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Show less If you have sunken cheeks, you might want to plump them up to gain a more youthful appearance. Try massaging your cheek muscles to improve circulation and elasticity, or consider applying a natural remedy to nourish and soften your skin for a dewy glow.


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