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Each year, it becomes more difficult to sum up the last 12 months in this fast-changing medium. It might be the ongoing—and often frustrating—fight, from the grassroots up, to secure more opportunities in TV for women, LGBTQ people, and people of color, who together created or co-created half of the series below. Grief is not usually a central theme in scripted television series, a medium better known as a form of escapism.

In the United States, a promenade dancemost commonly called a promis a semi-formal black tie dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year the last year of high school. Proms figure greatly in popular culture and are major events among high school students.

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College is a place for new beginnings and new experiences for the newly independent. Given this reality, it's as great a place as any to have as a backdrop for a television show. Over the years, there have been a good number of shows that did just that. Below is a list of the top seven.

Six years ago, the now-dominant streaming platform was best known as the company that put Blockbuster out of business. House of Cards not only changed all that—it also changed the way TV is consumed, introducing the now-popular binge model. Paste is here to help you navigate its increasingly complicated terrain.

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A sports analogy may or may not work for you, but the goal of the Sophomore Year Experience SYE program is to help you to make the most of your second year at Salisbury University. The real SYE is what you decide to do with the next year of your life. As any college grad will tell you, this is a great time.

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That is a great fan film! I enjoyed every minute of it! She has 4 million Twitter followers so what? How many of those live in her district?

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Many second-year college students, like Josh Dosumu, experience a slump after all the guidance and assistance for freshmen fades away. Many second-year college students experience a slump after all the guidance and assistance for freshmen fades away. College sophomore Josh Dosumu, a civil and mechanical engineering student at Metropolitan State College of Denver, has experienced second-year difficulties.

Now the fateful day has arrived. You are officially dropping your child off at college for the first time. Just two years ago, I was in the exact same place. I had a pit in my stomach that had been a constant companion for over a week.


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