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In the midst of month-long Pride celebrations, LGBT groups across the city mobilized for End Stop and Frisk: Silent March Against Racial Profilingwhich brought thousands of New Yorkers into the streets for one of the biggest marches in decades challenging racial profiling. Our participation in this historic march is not just a question of expressing solidarity with communities of color who are experiencing discriminatory and abusive policing in New York City -- we are part of communities of color and have always been, and from Bayard Rustin to Miss Major, from James Baldwin to Sylvia Rivera, to Audre Lorde, we have been outspoken members of movements to challenge profiling and police abuse. I know, because I am one of them.

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The two male officers crouched over her leather bag and rooted around inside, elbow-deep. One officer fished out a tampon and then a sanitary napkin, crinkling the waxy orange wrapper between his fingers in search of drugs. Next he pulled out a tray of foil-covered pills, Ms.

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New York City police officers aren't taught how to " stop-and-frisk " women differently from men. They say gender is blind when it comes to street stops, but the women in question don't feel the same way. Last year, the NYPD frisked around 16, of the 46, women they stopped; only 59 guns were found in total, but 3, women were ultimately arrested.

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Robert Pinter was 52 when an attractive man in his late 20s approached him in an adult video store, saying he wanted to perform oral sex on him. The two agreed to leave the store together and have sex elsewhere. As they arrived outside, Pinter was thrown up against a wall and arrested on prostitution charges.

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A podcast about pregnancy and drug use, Native people and tribal sovereignty. In her decision, Judge Scheindlin ruled on behalf of the plaintiffs represented in the stop-and-frisk case, arguing:. In order to be able to use the stop-and-frisk tactic in ways that are lawful, Judge Scheindlin ordered the city to bring on a federal monitor to oversee reforms, change the way stops are documented, and institute a year-long pilot program through which officers must wear cameras to record their interactions.

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According to Howard University law professor Josephine Rossthe emerging awareness of how power and authority are wielded even in what are apparently consensual sexual encounters can be relevant to police street stops. Inthe Supreme Court ruled in Terry v. She likens them to the victims of Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul who now faces numerous charges arising from allegations of sexual assault.

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When officers asked if they had any weapons, they said they did not, according to the lawsuit. When asked about a bulge in his sock, Cottingham presented a legal amount of marijuana, according to the lawsuit. Officer Sean Lojacono had him turn around and started to search him.

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Women interviewed for the article recall humiliation as officers uncovered birth control pills, tampons, and underwear from their purses; as well as confusion and intimidation as male officers patted them down without probable cause. From the New York Times:. Galloway said.

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For those involved in the sex trade, the mainstream discourse around decriminalizing sex work has never felt like much of a debate — largely because sex workers have been excluded from the conversation. Those directly impacted by laws related to the buying and selling of sexual services have time and time again told lawmakers that criminalizing their livelihood puts them in serious danger — especially black womentrans peopleand undocumented immigrantswho are disproportionately targeted by police. But politicians have continued to push forward punitive policies that they mistakenly claim will protect people in the sex trade, many of which have done the exact opposite.

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Last year, more than 46, women were stopped and nearly 16, were frisked by New York City Police officers-- a source of embarrassment and, some women say, sexual intimadation, reported the New York Times. Of the 16, who were frisked, guns were found in 59 cases, that's 0. Nevertheless, the laws governing street stops are blind to gender, and the training does not draw a distinction between male and female suspects, Police Inspector Kim Y. Royster said.


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